Volunteer News

Michael Song has been a volunteer at the Saturday session of Swans since last summer. We are extremely grateful to Michael for his continued support for our swimmers. Here he talks about his experience of volunteering:

“I became aware of Oxford Swans by being a gym user at the Ferry Leisure Centre. Every Saturday, I would walk past the turnstile to watch the Swans in action. I became curious, and one day, I mus-tered the courage to approach Jan, who was running the session that day to ask about the organiza-tion’s activities and how I could join. I have been an avid swimmer all my life, and I did not realize I could use this talent to help other people; I was unexpectedly delighted by this possibility. In my first week with Swans, I interacted with many swimmers of varying capabilities, and I learned so much about how best to help each individual. However, one thing that I found common to everyone I helped was the joy they experienced just by being in the water. I was honoured to become a part of this happiness. I also found that volunteering at Swans also involved a great deal of interaction with other helpers and organizers, all of whom I found extremely friendly and helpful. Not only did I quickly feel a sense of belonging in the Swans community, but I also enjoyed being in the pool, perhaps just as much as those whom I helped. In retrospect, I frequently took my ability to swim for granted. I learned how to swim at an early age, and I could never imagine myself being unable to swim, or even being discomforted by the water. Swans has helped me to be grateful for my swimming abilities, and it has shown me a way I can help others love being in the water as much as I do. For helping me realize this, and ac-cepting me into its wonderful community, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and my deepest sense of attachment for Oxford Swans. I am proud to be a Swan.”