Oxford Swans is a swimming club for disabled people of all ages. We are a friendly and supportive club. We do a lot of one-to-one work and group activity in the water.

Oxford Swans teach swimming using the Halliwick Concept. One of the main aims of Halliwick is to help the ‘swimmer’ to become confident and happy in the water.


Photo: Fred Langridge ¦ Licence

The amount of help each swimmer needs can vary and may often involve physical contact such as an instructor placing their hands on a swimmer’s trunk in order to maintain safety. Instructors will always explain to each swimmer what physical support they are going to use.

We always work towards the swimmer becoming more independent. Swimmers may wish to build on what they have learnt in the water by continuing to work with family members or carers/personal assistants.

All members are encouraged to obtain the Green Badge of the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy (Halliwick AST). Those meeting the criteria of the Green Badge are deemed to be competent in the water and able to swim unaccompanied.