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Congratulations Molly!

We are delighted to announce that Molly has been awarded a certificate of distinguished service by the Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy. Halliwick AST is the National Body that Oxford Swans is affiliated to.

Molly brough holding up certificate
Molly Brough of Oxford Swans Swimming Club

‘We had great pleasure in presenting (virtually of course!) Molly Brough of Oxford Swans SC with a certificate of distinguished service as a token of our thanks for all that she has done for her local Halliwick club over many years.

Whilst just a token of appreciation, we know that that appreciation is not only from us in Halliwick AST, but also from all at Oxford Swans SC. Molly and people like her make clubs what they are, ensuring that disabled people can enjoy activity and freedom in the water which they would not otherwise be able to.

Thank you, Molly, from everyone!’ You can read all about it on their website here:

Molly is a founder-member of Oxford Swans SC and continues to support the club. Since its beginnings, Molly has done an enormous amount for the club, which continues to thrive and grow. Molly still supports the club to this day.

Non-swimming days 2020:

No swimming on these Saturdays

  • All of August, then Saturday 19th and 26th December

No swimming on these Tuesdays

  • All of August, Tuesday 1st September, then 22nd and 29th December

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Swans in The Oxford Times

Catherine’s daughter Lydia has been going to Swans for the past 18 years. She explains: “It is the high point of her week as it’s the only time she is not being supported in her wheelchair. Through the great volunteers at Swans, Lydia has learnt to float on her back on her own. It took 12 years of Saturdays before she achieved getting her 10 metre badge but it was worth all the effort from the helpers at Swans, when you watch her floating around with a big smile on her face.”

Link to full article: ‘Swans have ability not disability’