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Non-swimming days 2019:

No swimming on these Saturdays

  • Saturday 20th April, Saturday 4th May, Saturday 25th May, all of August.

No swimming on these Tuesdays

  • Tuesday 23rd April, Tuesday 7th May, Tuesday 28th May, all of August.

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Swans in The Oxford Times

Catherine’s daughter Lydia has been going to Swans for the past 18 years. She explains: “It is the high point of her week as it’s the only time she is not being supported in her wheelchair. Through the great volunteers at Swans, Lydia has learnt to float on her back on her own. It took 12 years of Saturdays before she achieved getting her 10 metre badge but it was worth all the effort from the helpers at Swans, when you watch her floating around with a big smile on her face.”